ADHD Screening Tool

Check the boxes for problematic symptoms or behaviors:
Overlooks details; makes careless mistakes.
Loses attention easily.
Doesn’t appear to be listening when spoken to.
Doesn’t follow instructions and fails to complete tasks.
Difficulty with organization.
Quickly loses interest in demanding tasks.
Loses things.
Easily distracted.
Fidgets or squirms.
Difficulty remaining seated.
Always moving.
Talks alot.
Blurts out when others are talking.
Interrupts, intrudes or butts in.
Significant problems with some of these behaviors before age 7.
Symptoms cause significant problems in more than one setting, e.g. school and home.
Symptoms cause obvious problems in functioning.
Symptoms are not likely caused by another mental disorder, such as anxiety or depression.
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for educational purposes only and is not a diagnostic assessment.