Someone to talk to

Sometimes it is just really good to have someone to talk to. To lay it all out. To unburden. Sometimes our problems seem insurmountable. We may see no way out; no way forward. At these times we need a listening ear, an accepting response, and some sound professional judgement.

We are counselors–rock bottom. It is what we do. It is what we’re trained to do. It is what we’re credentialed to do. It is our passion; our calling. Through the myriad of approaches we use, we are counselors helping people work it through, maximizing potentials; finding a remedy.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Anxiety • Depression • Adjustment to life changes • Anger • Grief • Borderline Personality Disorder • Spiritual Direction • Vocational • Trauma • Psychosis (with psychiatric management)

Marriage and Family Therapy

Marital distress • Marriage Enrichment • Relationship problems • Parenting • Family crisis • Divorce recovery • Premarital counseling

Play Therapy

ADHD • Aggression • Anger • Anxiety • Behavioral Issues • Bereavement/Grief • Bonding • Building Self-Confidence • Communication Skills • Coping Skills • Decision Making Skills • Depression • Divorce Issues • Emotional Adjustment • Expressing Feelings • Relationship Building • Selective Mutism • Separation Anxiety • Social Adjustment

Bringing it all together: Neurocounseling

Integrative • Neuroscience informed • Increased body awareness • Calming techniques • Performance enhancement • Learn more about neurocounseling