Can’t quit?

Wanting to quit, but can’t? We start where you can’t stop. Using a combination of medical consultation, biofeedback, neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback), and cognitive behavioral therapy, we get at the underlying causes of addiction. Research has shown that brainwave patterns may reflect characteristics common to alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and poly-substance abuse or addiction. These are patterns that provide insight into a person’s “drug of choice” or the “mood altering drug” used to self-medicate the  emotional distress you may be experiencing.

For example, research shows that the brains of alcoholics tend to be overaroused with too much fast activity (anxiety, agitation, irritability) and too little of the types of brainwaves that help us remain focused, calm, and able to de-stress. By training brainwaves toward more normal functioning, what Dr. Jones calls “meditation on steroids,” the underlying cause can be addressed.

The first step is to conduct a Quantitative EEG (QEEG) to see if your brain reflects the specific markers for abuse and/or addiction. We also assess for physical markers of an excess stress response–which can be treated with various forms of biofeedback and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our program of treatment is done in our office.  Bear in mind, however, that alcohol and/or substance abuse can affect your health. We will want you to consult with a physician as part of the assessment process.

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